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Have a low GPA? Here’s how you can still get into Yale

by John

A low GPA is a very common problem among high school students. This is often for understandable reasons – maybe you had a tough freshman year, maybe there was that one math honors class with the terrible teacher, maybe one semester you were overwhelmed with extracurriculars and a sports team.

In the best of all worlds, AdComs would understand this and overlook it. But in an increasingly competitive college admissions world, unfortunately, sometimes this isn’t the case.

So what should you do if you’re now a junior or senior and you have, let’s say, a 3.2 GPA? (out of a possible 4.0)

If you’re a junior, first thing’s first: start working hard, very hard, to get a great GPA for your remaining semesters/quarters. If you progressively improve in those final school periods, that may just be enough to make a convincing case to Ivy League AdComs that you have the academic skills to succeed in a competitive college environment.

If you’re a senior, remember that your high school GPA is just ONE component among many in your application. The most important components, if I HAD to rank them, would be, in rough order: your SAT/ACT score, your extracurricular achievements (broadly defined to include sports, clubs, contests, fellowships, research, and the like), your essay, your references, your GPA, and then everything else.

Notice that the GPA comes last? This gives you hope! So, in descending order of importance, start making sure everything else in your application is AS GOOD AS IT CAN BE! In particular the areas that people spend too little time on, relative to everything else, are the references and the essay. Just think about it: you pay $1000s for test prep classes and books, spend tens if not hundreds of hours doing practice problems and tests and re-taking the official tests (perhaps even both the SAT and the ACT), and then you spend just a few hours asking your teachers to give you a recommendation. It doesn’t make sense.

My final point: you can make up for a low GPA with a high SAT/ACT score. It’s not perfect, because the GPA usually shows how HARD you work at something, while the SAT/ACT (in theory) shows how FAST and SMART you can work at something, but a high SAT/ACT score goes a long way towards offsetting a low GPA. As can those recommendations, especially if they come from classes where you were among the best students and you specifically ASK the teachers to speak toward your study skills and your academic acumen.

So, if you have a low GPA and want to get into Yale, don’t stress too much. Instead, start looking at all of those other elements of your application and make sure they’re as good as can be. And remember, a low freshman year GPA and a high senior year GPA is a much better sign than vice-versa. So get better with every day, week, and year! Good luck!!


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