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1 secret BOOST that can immeasurably help your Ivy League chances!

by John

There are lots of secrets to the college admissions process. Imagine if you had to read 40K applications between 10 people, in just 3 months, in order to decide on 2K people to admit. That’s a lot of work, in a short time!!

So, admissions committees at even the best schools like Harvard and CalTech use lots of shortcuts. One such shortcut is a perfect SAT score. If you get a 2400 (or next year, a 1600!), then you’ll automatically be fast-tracked to a close review. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re GUARANTEED admissions, it just means your app and essay and supplemental materials will get a closer look than the average Joe applicant.

Let’s call these shortcuts BOOSTS. In the next 5 essays, I’m going to mention 5 specific BOOSTS that can really help your chances. And my course + guide will explain some of these boosts in detail.

Today, to continue the theme of high standardized test scores, one such BOOST is to get a very high score, 760 and ideally higher, on your STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) SAT subject tests! These include Math (Level 2), Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. If you score very highly on at least one of these tests, and ideally several of them, then you’re going to get a special look at your application.


Because remember, admissions committees look for BALANCE. They want a diverse spectrum of students who are a good fit for that school’s culture and identity. Now, that doesn’t mean they want 20% math geniuses, 20% literary Hemingways, 20% All-American athletes, etc. What it DOES mean is that they’re on the lookout for people who have an unusual SPIKE in specific areas.

If you score an 800 on the SAT Math Level 2 subject test, then we can confidently say that you have a STEM spike! And that will guarantee a closer look at your application to see if you’re (Harvard/Stanford/Princeton/MIT) material.

So, even if you have very low SAT reading or writing scores, don’t fret – if you’re great at the STEM subjects, then you’ll have a strong chance.

That’s boost #1. Stay tuned for more boosts!


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