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Last minute Common Application tips to get into your dream school

by John

Last minute common application tips to get into your dream schoolCollege applications are like artwork – there are a million ways to craft your own Common Application, but only the best products will get into Ivy League schools.

If you’re like me, you waited until the last minute before thinking about college admissions. It’s a tough battle – I share a few emergency college admissions tips here – but I want to provide more examples of how you can make a poor piece of art look like Picasso.

1. Exaggerate the “Approximate Time Spent” column – but only on your 2 most IMPRESSIVE ACCOMPLISHMENTS (if this feels uncomfortable for you, good luck going to state school next year). Do not put ridiculous numbers that don’t add up!

2. Exaggerate the “Grade level” and number of years commitment – again, only on your 2 or 3 most impressive accomplishments, and do not make it look like you were a member of the same 6 clubs since freshman year

3. Include numbers to highlight specific achievements in your clubs and work experiences:

For work:

You managed 10 interns each summer
You helped increase sales by 33%

For clubs:

You increased membership by 200%
You grew the club budget from $500 to $1000

4. Use strong words in describing your extracurriculars – words like LEAD, FOUNDED, CREATED, BUILT, INVENTED

Those are just 4 tips for last-minute applications – I include many more in my guide to getting into Harvard. As a former Admissions Officer, I know exactly what counts, and most importantly, the minor differences in the application itself between the strongest candidates and the waitlisted ones.

Think of yourself as a salesman – if you want to win the admissions game, you must promote yourself well!

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