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College admissions help: a unique way to set yourself apart

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Are you interested in the internet? Technology? Business? Are you simply looking to standout in college admissions? Challenge yourself to a new opportunity? Here’s an out of the box idea that will help your quest to get into Stanford: offer to be an intern at a startup! It’s easier than you think – it requires […]

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3 crucial things about volunteer work and community service

Every high school student assumes that they need to devote 100 hours to working in a soup kitchen, or 50 hours to reading books with elementary school kids. That’s flat out wrong. In fact – sometimes volunteer work can actually HURT YOU. Why? Because volunteer work – especially if it looks “planned” or “resume-boosting”, which […]

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College admissions offices: who and how

College admissions offices are mysterious entities. Most high school students have no idea how they work, who they are, and yet these offices hold the key to getting into Harvard. Below, I’ll demystify college admissions offices and describe a few inside secrets about them. 1) They are not a bunch of old, white-haired people with […]

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Campus visits are key for Ivy League admissions: here are 3 reasons why

Campus visits are a big topic in my book, Hopeless to Harvard. It’s an inside guide to Ivy League college admissions. My biggest secret here is this: Campus visits are CRITICAL if you want to get into the best schools There are many reasons why. Here are a few: 1. It shows a clear, demonstrated […]

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College admissions interviews: how to do well in your alumni interviews to get into your dream college

College admissions interviews are common at some of the top schools – ranging from Harvard to Princeton. Schools like Stanford have recently started using them, and most Ivy League schools offer them at their admissions offices. What should I expect in college interviews? You should expect the following: -a friendly conversation that focuses on your […]

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College admissions advice: does my choice of major hurt my chances at getting into the Ivy Leagues?

I’ve been asked through email about this several times: Questions like: I’ve heard that picking the right major helps you get into the best schools. Is this true? What majors are best to get me into college? Will my major impact my college admissions chances to get into Ivy League schools? The short answer is: […]

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Why a 4.0 high school GPA and 2400 SAT won’t get you into Harvard

The 5 secrets about your high school GPA and class ranking to get into Harvard and Stanford

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Why planning is key to getting into the Ivy Leagues

Many of you will wait until junior or senior year before worrying about college applications. I did that, and got lucky – getting accepted at Harvard, Yale, Stanford and a few other schools. There are many strategies I discovered to make this happen – but you’ll have to read my website to find out what […]

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What every high school student needs to know about GPA and SAT

Here’s what Admissions committees won’t tell you about your GPA, class rank, and SAT scores: above a specific level, IT DOESN’T MATTER. College admissions is a tough game – but there are rules to getting into the best schools like Princeton and Stanford. I worked in the Admissions Office of a Top 20 school for […]

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