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Why reading lists won’t help at all – don’t listen to your high school counselor or college advisors

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If you’ve read some of my previous articles on college admissions, you’ll realize that I’m blunt and will tell you exactly how I view an issue. Let’s talk about reading lists. Reading lists are the biggest waste of time. High school counselors, private tutors, expensive admissions coaches – everyone will tell you that reading lists […]

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College admissions offices: who and how

College admissions offices are mysterious entities. Most high school students have no idea how they work, who they are, and yet these offices hold the key to getting into Harvard. Below, I’ll demystify college admissions offices and describe a few inside secrets about them. 1) They are not a bunch of old, white-haired people with […]

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Last minute Common Application tips to get into your dream school

College applications are like artwork – there are a million ways to craft your own Common Application, but only the best products will get into Ivy League schools. If you’re like me, you waited until the last minute before thinking about college admissions. It’s a tough battle – I share a few emergency college admissions […]

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Why high school summers are crucial to winning college admissions

Don’t overlook how important each summer can be to your chances of going to a dream college. Most students flip burgers and work at Gap, but the best students – the ones who get into Harvard and Stanford – fill their summers with extracurricular activities, impressive jobs, and international travel. Here’s what you need to […]

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What every high school student needs to know about GPA and SAT

Here’s what Admissions committees won’t tell you about your GPA, class rank, and SAT scores: above a specific level, IT DOESN’T MATTER. College admissions is a tough game – but there are rules to getting into the best schools like Princeton and Stanford. I worked in the Admissions Office of a Top 20 school for […]

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