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Early Decision

Is applying EA really going to help your chances?

Yes, absolutely. Lots of schools are shifting now to SCEA and other forms of this, but basically apply EA (Early Action) to your top-choice school. You have nothing to lose, your chances are better, it’s great for “demonstrating interest” (which is something I talk about repeatedly). Even if you’re passed during that round, the fact […]

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Why taking college classes can be the Harvard edge

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Most high school students are missing a huge opportunity to separate themselves from the rest of the college admissions pack. Take college classes now Not after you’re admitted to Princeton, but before. Why does this help? 1) It shows extraordinary initiative on your part to go beyond what’s required 2) Assuming you do well in […]

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Why a good midyear report can help you get into Harvard

So you’ve submitted your applications to Harvard, Stanford, or any of the Ivy Leagues. Now you’re waiting to hear back and anxious about the result. Some of you have been waitlisted after Early Action. I went through this process awhile back – and was accepted at Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and other Ivy League schools. I […]

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