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Campus visits are key for Ivy League admissions: here are 3 reasons why

Campus visits are a big topic in my book, Hopeless to Harvard. It’s an inside guide to Ivy League college admissions. My biggest secret here is this: Campus visits are CRITICAL if you want to get into the best schools There are many reasons why. Here are a few: 1. It shows a clear, demonstrated […]

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Last minute Common Application tips to get into your dream school

College applications are like artwork – there are a million ways to craft your own Common Application, but only the best products will get into Ivy League schools. If you’re like me, you waited until the last minute before thinking about college admissions. It’s a tough battle – I share a few emergency college admissions […]

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How Ivy League schools look at your high school extracurriculars

A typical Ivy League school like Yale will look at the following things: 1) Leadership Was the student an officer of the club? Did he/she manage people, lead and organize events? Was he/she elected to increasingly more prominent positions, like president? Leadership is an important characteristic of the strongest applicants to the best universities. What […]

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