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Yale admissions

Yale Admissions Guide

Yale is one of the most prestigious Ivy League schools. It is a member of the “HYP” – Harvard Yale Princeton – and plays a very special role in the history of the Ivy leagues and in the history of elite American universities. *This continues a series on how to get into top schools. If […]

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5 Secrets Of Ivy League Admissions

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Ivy League schools look for careers, not another “I went to Sri Lanka to build homes” college essay Very very important. Just because you went to Africa for 2 months to promote AIDs awareness does not make you a global citizen. It does not make you a committed public servant. You need to show more […]

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5 secrets about Advanced Placement (AP) tests and classes

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AP tests are a rite of passage for most high school students. Some of you are international students (advice on that here), some are in IB programs, but the majority will be taking Advanced Placement classes and tests. Here are some insights on APs: 1) Take as many AP classes as you can fit into […]

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Campus visits are key for Ivy League admissions: here are 3 reasons why

Campus visits are a big topic in my book, Hopeless to Harvard. It’s an inside guide to Ivy League college admissions. My biggest secret here is this: Campus visits are CRITICAL if you want to get into the best schools There are many reasons why. Here are a few: 1. It shows a clear, demonstrated […]

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How Ivy League schools look at your high school extracurriculars

A typical Ivy League school like Yale will look at the following things: 1) Leadership Was the student an officer of the club? Did he/she manage people, lead and organize events? Was he/she elected to increasingly more prominent positions, like president? Leadership is an important characteristic of the strongest applicants to the best universities. What […]

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